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MARCH 2006

MARCH 2006

So, my cats are boring, which is why I haven't updated this page so much. Pudding still hisses at Fluffy. Fluffy still doesn't care. Fluffy still hasn't got the hang of mewing. Blossom is still weird! I also realised that they are not all the same age. Fluffy is actually only 5, and Blossom and Pudding are 7. Still, not of them act like it. They all act like kittens! Not that I'm complaining.


Blossom and Fluffy were chasing each other around the house last night. Pudding looked on from the safety of armchair. He certainly looked like he wanted to join in! I'm sure he will at some point. It will be funny to watch three fully grown cats chasing each other around the house!

Blossom is experiencing what I can only call a second kittenhood. She is going mad around the house, flying about, chasing her tail all the time and jumping on Pudding and Fluffy! Pudding was not seen much for a while, I was only seeing him at weekends. But I think now it is colder, he is coming in a lot more. He is not hissing so much at Fluffy, hopefully it won't be long until they are getting on fine.

JULY 2005

Have taken pictures of Pudding, Blossom and Fluffy, nearly two months after moving. Pudding and Fluffy are still not 100% friendly, but I think Pudding is getting more tolerant of Fluffy. It seems if Pudding did not hiss and growl at him all the time there wouldn't be a problem.

The Cats at my Mums
My sister has finally had Gizmo's matted fur sorted out. Giz was taken to the vet and had the problem areas shaved off. Will get a picture of that on here in the next week! All the other cats are doing well.

Have got a picture (finally) of all three cats together. It was at feeding time, funnily enough. Fluffy has started chasing Pudding now. Blossom is pretty much back to her regular size after she went missing. I had a horrible dream last night that she had died! I was very happy to wake up.

A random tabby cat tried to come in the catflap earlier. Blossom and Fluffy were both looking out the catflap and when I went outside to see the cat, Blossom came running out and chased him up the garden! Meanwhile, Pudding was asleep in the middle of the grass, oblivious to everything.

JUNE 2005

Was quite stormy last night. Fluffy was inside, but Pudding and Blossom just sat in the garden like they didn't care! I brought them in and locked the catflap for the night, I didn't want frazzled soggy cats wrecking the house when they came in.
Pudding seems to be getting better with Fluffy, he isn't hissing at him so much. Now I am working again, I am out a lot of the day and when I get home all three cats are usually waiting downstairs for me!
The other day Blossom and Fluffy had a little play in the garden. Blossom was scratching a tree and Fluffy ran up to her. She ran up the tree and he followed her, they both climbed back down and sat at the bottom of the tree looking at each other!
My friend has just got two kittens, they are so small and cute. I forgot how much fun kittens are. However, I will not be tempted to get any myself!
Hopefully I will get a picture of Pudding, Blossom and Fluffy together, will be fun trying!

Haven't seen much of Pudding and Blossom, they are really enjoying having so much outdoor space. Fluffy is not so convinced and spends a lot of time under my bed.

House move went well. Pudding disappeared for about 24 hours which really freaked me out, especially after Blossoms temporary disappearance.
All three seem to be settling in quite well and are enjoying the space and garden. Fluffy is integrating better with Blossom than with Pudding, but I expected the two males to get on less well.
Pudding discovered he could escape by jumping out the upstairs windows if they were open. I opted to install a catflap earlier than intended, but I have been locking it at night just to ensure they are coming back in at some point. Have been woken up twice by frantic scratching and gone down to find two different cats who have got in and not been able to get out again! The first was a stripy tabby who was very frightened, the second was a large black cat Who had flecks of grey. He decided to stay for a bit of fuss before he left!

Have been packing stuff ready for house move. Blossom attempted to help me with the videos, I don't think she quite understands! Pudding has also attempted to help, by getting in boxes while I am trying to put things in that should be put in.

At 1.10am this morning I was woken up by some very loud cat mewing. At first I thought it was Pudding, but he was on the bed with me. So, I thought another cat must have got in and not been able to get out again because the cat flap is locked so that cats can get in but not out. I went to investigate...and it was Blossom! She must have been shut in somewhere, she's a bit on the thin side, but otherwise ok.

MAY 2005

Blossom hasn't turned up. I have now locked the catflap to stop Pudding going anywhere. That's the last thing I need, him disappearing too. She can still get in...if she comes back.

Have put advert in paper, had a call from a woman saying she saw a cat fitting the description in her garden on Sunday. Was a bit far away though, and several days ago. Some firemen are outside, they were looking at a poster for her!

The Cats at my Mums
Fluffy had a messy bum and it smelt bad. He had made quite a mess of my sisters bed, she told me that she and my mum then gave him a bath. Cookie was very fussy, she made lots of silly noises and enjoyed some fuss. As did Joby and Charlie.

Still no Blossom. Posters have been put up, but that was last night, still time for them to kick in. Have contacted relevant people who may come across her. Have put ad in local paper. My insurers are arranging for a reward to be used. I think I will wait until Friday before I use that tactic.
Pudding is not doing too well, he is unhappy like me. He is lying on her spot on the bed.

Blossom has been missing since Friday evening. She could be shut in a garage or shed. If she hasn't returned by tommorow I will start putting up posters.

Have you seen Blossom?

APRIL 2005

The weather is great, why won't my cats go out? Do they think they will melt! Pudding and Blossom are so clingy, and they have been begging for food, I have fed them their usually amount. Sometimes I don't know what to do with them! I haven't had much too say about them really. I will have more to say when I have moved house and integration with Fluffy will take place. Should be interesting.

Blossom is always waiting for me when I get home! She sits on the back of the sofa and chirps happily to me.

MARCH 2005

I always seems to be unhooking Blossoms claws from the sofa. She always looks very distressed when she gets stuck, so why does she keep doing it?! Pudding has taken to sleeping on my pink desk chair, will get photo, will make a nice change from pics of him on the bed!

Bought gorgeous satin bed set, cats are enjoying it. The bed is the place they spend most of their time...wish I was a cat.

As usual Pudding and Blossom are driving me mad. When my alarm goes off in the morning, Pudding (or Super Pud as he is known at the moment) has to jump on me because he knows I am about to get up and feed him! He wishes. In the meantime, Blossom flits around the bed chirping. I'm sure my cats are actually some sort of cat/dog crossbreed.

The Cats at my Mums
Fluffy is being antisocial, whenever I go round he's sleeping in the garage out of the way! Grey is large, but being lovely. I am worried about Cookie as she is a bit on the thin side, but she seems in high spirits.


Ok, so it's been nearly a month since I updated the diary, can I help it if my cats are boring and do nothing! All they want to do is sleep on my bed, even on wash day, see below for the first picture to be added to the cat diary!


Bought a new mattress, cats were very interested. Both have been very fussy lately and take it in turns to sit on my knee while I am on my PC. Blossom is sitting on me as I type this! She gets white fur all over my clothes. I am surprised she has any fur left at all, it seems to be over the place!

Thought Pudding had disappeared this morning. Usually my alarm goes off (it's a cat mewing!), and he's the first thing I see when I wake up. But he wasn't there so I had to put up with Blossom patting me everytime I fell back to sleep. They do not like the catfood I have brought for them so I will take some over to my mums and swap with her!

The Cats at my Mums
All ok as usual, didn't see Peaky. Joby was being very fussy and climbed on my sisters back! Fluffy was big as usual and happy to see me.

Haven't yet mentioned that there are a lot of cats living near my house. For example across the road lives an enormous ginger and white semi long haired cat, he's so big he makes Pudding look like a kitten. Down the road was a black kitten who has now grown into a very handsome young cat and also his mother who is a very sleek black cat. There is a ginger semi long haired cat who is very timid. Will put some pictures of them on and more descriptions of cats in the area.


Since I put very little on the site in the past year I have a few things to mention that I have happened this year. Tommy sadly died, he was about 16. Pudding managed to catch a pigeon, not a baby, a fully grown one! During the autumn months I was treated to a steady stream of mice being brought to me. And over Xmas, many pieces of leftover food. Cheers Pudding and Blossom, just what I want in my bedroom. Whenever I sit at my computer, one of them has to sit on my knee. I not only sometimes wake up to Blossom staring at me, but she also scratches at me to wake me up.

The Cats at my Mums
They are all doing ok. Most seem to have gained weight...Fluffy and Peaky especially. Gizmo is a lot more friendly than she was. Cookie has a way to go to get on with the others, hopefully Peaky can bring her round with a bit of face licking!


It's a bit of a jump from the beginning of the year! Went home at lunchtime to find blood drops all over the kitchen floor. Turns out Pudding has pulled a claw out! He was fine though.


Woke up at about 4 this morning to find Blossom in my face just staring at me, it's not the first time I've woken up to that, I think it's a bit freaky.
Pudding keeps sitting on me and going to sleep, but he gets ratty when he's half asleep and doesn't like me stroking him. Left him on the sofa last night on his back with his legs in the air!

Cats are good as always. They slept on the bed the past few nights. Nothing else to say regarding them. Wish Pudding would stop sitting on me, he's too big!

The Cats at my Mums
Quick round up on how the cats at my mums are, saw them all yesterday, there doesn't seem as many as there used to!
Tommy - Suprising enough, was sitting on the back step. Skinny as always, but he's over 14 so it's only to be expected.
Peaky - He was asleep on the upstairs landing. Still large, but he'll probably shrink down for summer!
Joby - Her tail was hanging by a little bit when I was there. My mum rang later to say it had come off, possibly by the cat flap which was where my brother found the tail! She is fine, even with just half a tail!
Fluffy - He came in all puffed up! I was stroking Gizmo and he came and rolled over in front of me, so I stroked him and he made a horrible smell!
Grey - Was in the garden eyeing up a pigeon that was nearly as big as him. I went out to see him but he ran away, so I went back inside and he followed me in for a fuss.
Charlie - She was on Sians bed, I stroked her and she mewed, so I left her to it.
Gizmo - She was shut in Claires room so I let her out and she went downstairs for some food. She growled at Fluffy and Grey and then Fluffy chased her back upstairs.
Cookie - Was very fussy, but did not want to move off the chair she was sitting on.

Both cats went out the front door today, not intentionally. Blossom went out when I took out the rubbish. Pudding went out when I left for work. He was let in at the back door later on. I really need a cat flap for them.

I went outside to look for Pudding and was shouting his name. I could hear mewing and I thought great he's in trouble. I went to look for him and could hear the mewing coming from a tree. I thought he must be stuck up it! At first I couldn't see him, then I saw an ear and a tabby face, not Pudding! This cat looked like Cookie, but was male and had a scratched nose. He came down from the tree and following me back to the house, came in, ate all Blossom and Puddings food, and then went barmy sniffing the catnip on the scratch post! It was very wierd, and that was our first stray! I took a photo of him, so maybe I'll put that on here eventually!


Pudding insisted to be allowed out at night. Blossom won't go out unaccompanied, think she is scared of Tigger. Both cats have learnt that scratching at the door gets our attention to let them in or out!

Cats went out again. Our next door neighbours cat, believed to be called Tigger, was in our garden. He is very interested in Pudding!

Let the cats out officially. They stayed out for about an hour, Pudding lept coming in and out. He also met a cat from down the road who we call 'Big Cheeks', I don't think that needs explaining!

Only two days until xmas. My tree is falling to bits, partly because it's too dry insode for trees, and partly because the cats like to chew it!
Blossom had something in her eye last night, I think it may have been tabasco sauce that had been on some tuna, and she somehow got it in her eye after licking the dish.
I will be at my mums on xmas day so will see the cats there then. They tend to sleep a lot in winter and there's very little to say about them really.

Cats have really settled in. They're not so frightened when people they don't know come round. Blossom can never make up her mind as to whether she want fussing or not, she does this thing with her tail where she makes it quiver! Pudding has multiple personalities such as fussy and purring, psycho cat and killing Blossom cat!
I put some fur in a box and covered it in velour for Blossom, Pudding sleeps on top of canvas covered shelves, but of course he also wants to sleep in the box and they can't both fit in it!

The Cats at my Mums
Tommy is manky as always, he is either outside on the back step, or asleep in the bathroom, he must like being cold or something. Jobys tail has not fallen off yet, she's always in asleep in a box when I see her. Cookie likes to sleep in an old quilt, all snuggled up. Fluffy, Grey and Peaky were all big. Charlie is small, she likes a cuddly off me, she lives in Liams room with Grey! Gizmo is still a bit psycho, she goes downstairs and outside, but does not get on with the others yet, she probably never will, but shes doing better than Cookie.


Blossom got out! Not for long though, I was in the back garden and had left the door open a bit and she came wandering out. I shooed her back inside and she sat at the back door for about an hour trying to get back out. Pudding was totally oblivious as he was asleep on the bed the whole time!

Blossom and Pudding are doing great. I have a laser pen keyring, which they love to chase, so when I jangle it, they come running because they think they will get to chase the laser! They are both very playful and affectionate. I bought them some catnip, a ball and a mouse. They like having toys!
I am still having to shut them downstairs at night, as they make so much noise playing!

The Cats at my Mums
Tibby is presumed to have died, she has not been seen for over a month. The end of Jobys tail has gone hard and the fur appears to have fallen out a bit. Cookie still hates everyone! Grey is large as always.

Pudding gave me a nasty scratch on my arm today, I was brushing him and he got a bit overexcited. He also made a funny noise, like Grey does! Both cats enjoyed playing with a ball of rolled up newspaper. Which is fun until Blossom slides across the lino and into a cupboard, which doesn't sound healthy!
Pudding has a bad habit of chewing wires, hopefully he will stop it when they are allowed to go outside, we have decided not to let them out until after xmas.

Today was my birthday, Cats have both eaten, they've finally got hungry! Had to shut them downstairs again. They jump on and off the bed and climb into the window all night!
Blossom kept mewing downstairs, so I would go down and she would just roll over on the front room floor! It's cute, but I didn't want to be getting out of bed every 5 minutes to go and watch!

Had to be mean tonight and shut the cats downstairs, they kept messing about in the bedroom and would not go to sleep! I haven't seen either of them sleep, and only Blossom has eaten.

I collected Blossom and Pudding from the Cats Protection. I left them in the bathroom with food and a litter tray for a few hours, but neither of them were interested.
Later that evening I opened the bathroom door to let them out, but they were too scared. I thought they might explore if I wasn't there, so I went upstairs. I went into the back room to get a video and Pudding was in there! He gave me a fright, he's such a big cat, I wasn't expecting to see him in there. It scared him more, and he went back downstairs. Later, they both came up into the bedroom and enjoyed a lot of fuss!


Cats Protection did a home visit yesterday, they said everything was fine, so hopefully Blossom and Pudding will be with us on Friday!

The cats are all good. Except Joby who has a broken tail and Tibby, who has not been seen for over a week now.
Fluffy has made his new home on my sisters bed! This has not pleased Gizmo.
Tommy appears to have put a bit of weight on, and Peaky certainly has, he appears to go from skinny to chubby quite quickly!
Charlie won't leave Cookie alone. Grey is large and silly as always.

Visted the Cats Protection League today, chose 2 cats to adopt called Blossum and Pudding! They are both semi-long haired, Blossum is white and black, Pudding is black and white! Visit the Cats Protection League


I am now living a three bedroom house. No cats yet, but I think some people down the road have five! So I'm happy! There are two little tabby ones, one is spotty, the other mackeral. A huge white one with a black blob and head. And two black flufy ones, one has white on it's head. The white one was meowing outside our house yesterday, so I went out to stroke him. Our nextdoor neighbours also have a cat. He's a big spotty tabby who sometimes sits in our garden.
The cats at my mums are ok. Tibby comes and goes quite randomly. On Saturday Tommy and Fluffy went in the neighbours house, which is occupied by students. They were in the kitchen licking a grill tray! It was very funny. The students shooed them out, but then later let Tommy back in and fed him bits of food!
I went to my mums yesterday, Grey and Fluffy are always there whenever I go round, they must know. Gave Grey some catnip, it makes him go madder than he is, and then he dribbled all over it. Fluffy tried to roll in it, which ends up with him getting catnip all over the floor!

Saw the cats over the weekend. Joby has a great time with some cat nip whilst Peaky licked her head! Grey dribbled all over the catnip. Fluffy refused to come and have some.
There was worrying over Tibby being missing, I assume she got shut in a garage over the weekend.
Charlie has opted to spend lots of time with my brother, she sits on his knee and purrs a lot.
Gizmo was being quite lovely for a change, she enjoyed a fuss but was relieved to get back upstairs to get away from Cookie giving her evil eyes!


Saw cats yesterday. I finally got Fluffy to come in when my younger brother and sister came screaming in the door and Fluffy jumped onto the kitchen work surface and crashed into the glasses that were up there. I hope he's ok as I didn't see him again before I left.
Charlie was happy to see me as always.
Cookie hissed and lashed out at all the cats she could!
Tibby appears to be getting more senile every time I see her. She is also quite thin. As is Tommy.

Came back on Friday from a week in Durham. My mum had just come back from her honeymoon in Italy. She said it seemed like Fluffy hadn't left, and he certainly hasn't been acting like he had.
Gave catnip to cats, Charlie and Joby went a bit mad on it. Peaky just sat and wasn't interested. He's laid back enough as it is!
Grey was happy to see me. He usually is. Will be seeing them again tommorrow.


Took Fluffy back to my mums yesterday. He was straight out the basket and out the catflap! He seemed to know where he was and wasn't bothered by anything. Grey was a bit wary of him. Gizmo came in, hissed and went back out!
Charlie was being quite silly, she spent a lot of time rolling around on the grass.
Joby was very vocal, she was on the garden wall meowing.
All the other cats were acting as usual, Tibby was loud! Tommy was manky. Peaky is looking a bit thin.

Gave Fluffy a shower with tea tree oil and shampoo last night. He was overrun with fleas and covered in flea muck. I got over 20 off him and now he's all clean and volumised!

Cookie has taken over the front room.
Gizmo has taken over the kitchen, she tried to help me make a cheese and onion cob, but I was perfectly capable.
Peaky insisted that lying across the pavement in front of the house was a good idea.
Grey tried to come home with me by hiding in my bag of clean laundry. My Mum thought the bag was heavy as she carried it through the kitchen and Greys head suddenly popped up from inside the bag!

I will be seeing the cats tonight, so will report any news tommorow.
I haven't updated this in the last 2 months! So I'll try and bring it up to date a bit.
My Grandmas cats were taken to my mums in the end, unfortunetly Blue has disappeared, we presume he is still in the area, he wasn't a sick cat like Twinkles. Cookie seems to be settling in nicely, she hisses at the other cats but appears to be friendly with Honey, the dog!
Gizmo has finally adjusted properly and lives downstairs more or less. She has taken a severe dislike to Grey and spends her time making his life miserable.


My Grandma died yesterday, which is quite sad, she was 79. The problem is the 2 cats she had, Blue and Cookie. Blue is Tibby's grandson, and Cookie is Twinkles daughter. Hopefully a place will be found for them to live together. More on that as I find out.
Fluffy has been in the flat nearly two weeks now. I bought him some cat nip and he went mad! He now likes to sit in the window watching outside. He was a bit of a pain a couple of nights ago, he kept getting up and messing about at 2 in the morning. He has now stopped it fortunately.
I went to my mums and saw the other cats, Charlie was fussy and meowing, Grey was also fussy. The others were not so bothered. Gizmo seemed happy to see me.


Fluffy has been in the flat since Sunday night. He kept me awake Sunday night, but was much better last night. He finally used his tray! He's been very good, no accidents anywhere. He gets spooked when the main front door is opened. It's great having him.

Back from St. Ives, Cornwall, saw many cats. So here's a quick summary:-
Young cat, under a year, black with white chin and tummy. Very affectionate. He had huge paws and very soft semi-long fur.
Young tabby male with symmetrical markings. Also very fussy. He reminded me of one of Joby's kittens, Metz.
Large ginger male who was a siamese-persian cross! He had the siamese face and fur, but the persian size and temperament. Must have been over 5.
Another ginger male, younger and smaller than the first and had more white and softer fur. He was playing in some grass.
A female this time! She was tabby with a ginger tint, like Joby. She ran away at first but then let us stroke her.
All black sleek cat, unidentified sex. Very fussy, shiny and slender. Was sitting on a doorstep.
Another ginger male, quite large. Seen first on steps leading upto a house, then later on a concrete post not far from the beach! He was being quite playful!
Black female with huge eyes! They were like saucers, I was trying to record her on my camcorder but she kept headbutting it!
On the bus on the way home, I saw two cats mating!

Saw the cats! Charlie rolled in her favourite patch of dirt, it's not a good thing for a predominantly white cat to do, she gets filthy! She then beat up Fluffy who had done nothing to provoke the attack.
Gizmo has been banished from my sisters room, I don't know why. I took her downstairs and put her outside where she ran round the front of the house and rolled around on the floor!
Fluffy went for Tibby, she hissed at him. Tibby then climbed on the neighbours coal bunker and went to sleep, she later moved behind it as it was quite warm.
Grey was a bit cautious and wouldn't let me near him.
Joby was asleep in the kitchen window. Twinkles was asleep in the front room . Tommy was asleep on the neighbours garage. There was no sign of Peaky.

Today I am going to see my cats, full update tommorow!

Saw two cats on my way to work, one had an oriental look to it, the other was quite strange, the whiskers on one side of its face were white and on the other side were black. It was happy to see me and certainly enjoyed smelling my hand throughly!

Have been moved out just 4 days, miss the cats. Not too long until I can have Fluffy, it's only going to be on a trial for a week to see how he gets on. If he doesn't settle, I'll have to take him back. :(

Went round to old house to move more things. Fluffy was outside my old room, he attempted a meow and got up to be let in the room. He wasn't to happy to find no duvet on the bed, so I found an old one for him to lie on.

Fluffy has been very clingy since I decided to move out. There's no point taking him yet, I go on holiday in less than 2 weeks, it would not be fair to leave him so soon after moving out.

Grey is snuggled up in my bed under the duvets. Charlie doesn't come up to my room anymore as she is afraid of Gizmo. Fluffy was in my room all night, he was meowing (sort of) this morning to be let out, it was loud enough to wake me up!

Am seeing less of the cats as the weather gets warmer, they spend a lot of time outside. Tibby got confused when she couldn't find the cat flap because a coat had been hung over it.


Charlie and Grey have formed their own amateur bird watching club. I explained they would have to purchase their own binoculars and cameras!
Fluffy took position on the compost heap in the sun.
Peaky followed a bee, there have been a lot of bees around lately.

Admittedly I haven't been making many observations of my cats! Have been quite busy. grey seems to have been spooked by something lately, he spends a lot of time staring at things that I can't see!

Have seen a few cats that aren't ours lately, there was a semi-fluffy tabby cat in the neighbours garden, it was lovely and had a bright yellow collar on, like my Fluffy.

Gizmo is getting more adventurous, we keep finding her down the bottom of the top stairs (we have three floors, so two flights of stairs). Peaky likes to talk to her but she still hisses at him.

There is a Peaky look-a- like hanging around, he's a bit manky looking, bless! Looks like he has a swollen lip.

Grey had a piece of steak, I took it off him because I don't know where he got it from. You never know if food cats find has been poisoned to kill vermin.

Fluffy was in bed with me and I nearly rolled over and squashed him!
For some reason the fur on Joby's head was all spiked up, she must have got it wet.

There was much excitement in the garden this morning. There was a frog behind the wall at the bottom of the garden, of course all the cats wanted to investigate!

Grey had fun with a piece of screwed up newspaper. He chewed it to bits. Just shows you can keep cats entertained and not have to spend money on toys! Grey does have a mouse, bit it's missing at the moment, I'm sure it will show up.

Gizmo chased Charlie down the stairs, there was much hissing and growling. Gizmo also had fun with a piece of string and was being quite fussy.
Grey was quite fussy, but I think it was because he wanted to get in a bedroom and go to sleep. He head butted me a few times before I let him in my sisters room, where he slep on her bed.

Fluffy and Charlie got wet in the rain. The rest of the cats slept a lot. Gizmo and Fluffy had a bit of a run in on the stairs.


Fluffy insisted there was something in the pile of sticks and twigs at the end of the garden and sat there watching for a good part of the morning.
Poor Peaky got a nasty shock this afternoon when my Mum threw up on him on her way to the bathroom!

Nearly gave Tibby a heart attack, she didn't hear me come up beside her and she nearly fell off the cabinet when I woke her up for a morning stroke.
Charlie and Grey hurtled up and down the stairs. They made a lot of noise, Charlie is exceptionally noisy for such a small cat!

Tommy, Charlie and Fluffy enjoyed a warm sunny morning outside.
Twinkles enjoyed it from the safety of my brothers room, where she did not get blown by the slight breeze that was present.

Charlie is very naughty, she attacked Tibby, so I chased Charlie up the stairs.
Fluffy spent the day on my bed.

Found Tommy with his head in the toilet. Thought he was trying to kill himself, but he was just having a drink (thought it was dogs that did that!. He then went in the kitchen to drink out the sink.


Last Updated 17 November 2005