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This Page is for Cats from the Past

Several cats have sadly died since this site was first created in November 2001.
They are: Aurium, June 2002, aged 6. Sugar, New Years Day 2003, aged 10 . Twinkles, late June 2003, aged 11. Tibby, late September 2003, aged 16. Tommy, mid 2004, aged 16.

Here is a lovely picture of Tibby, Sugar & Aurium

Tibby & Tommy

We got Tibby in 1986, this made her nearly 17 years old, at the time we were living in Somerset. When we left there, Tibby went into kennels for a while as we weren't allowed cats in our rented house...whilst in kennels she had kittens!!!

Tommy is one of Tibby's kittens, although not one born in the kennels. Something wierd happened to one of his ears and it was all folded over and shrivelled!!! Tibby had gone deaf and mewed very loudly!!!Sometimes I had to go outside and get her off the car, but in winter coming she stayed in a lot anyway. Tibby had a lot of kittens in her lifetime, Tommy, Sugar and Peaky were hers, they were not all from the same litter though.

Aurium was her grandson. One of her sons mated with one of our female cats and Aurium was one of them.

Her kittens were always very cute and we always seemed to have kept one.

Tommy had a bit of an accident prone life...at the age of 1 he got hit by a car when running across the road. It broke his leg and he had a metal pin put in his leg,tThe vet said he'd always walk with a limp... which we never noticed.

However as he got older we noticed he is walking a bit funny...didn't seem to bother him though!!!Tommy was a special cat who also mastered the use of the toilet!


Twinkles was born under a cabinet in 1992, making her 11 years old, she was a pretty little thing. Twinkles had 3 litters of kittens, she always had a variety of different coloured kittens. She had 2 lots of 4 and 1 of 3.

Twinkles didnít take any nonsense off anyone, especially our dog, who Twinkles liked to tease by walking around in front of her as if to say "I dare you to come and get me!

Sugar & Aurium

Sugar was an aging moggy too. One of Tibby's sons, he was about 9. He used to be quite wild, but calmed down considerably in his later years and now rarely even went outside! Sugar was a bit strange sometimes...one minute he would go mad and be vicious...other times he was a big softy who just, purred all the time. He was Tibby's son and was born 1993. At one point one his cheeks had something wrong with it and he had a golfball sized lump, which got better. He was fortunate to die peacefully in sleep, we think he was just old, he didn't seem to have suffered, he certainly wasn't ill, off or food and hadn't lost any weight.

Aurium was definitely our wierdest cat...he liked to sit in strange places. Aurium was about 6 years old...he was born in a litter of 4 which was part of a group of 3 litters all born very close together so we had 11 kitttens running round at the same time!!! Aurium was a bit shy and loved nothing more than to curl up in the smallest space available .i.e shoeboxes, fruitbowls.

Twinkles Sitting Funny

Tommy on a Chessboard

Last Updated 16 July 2005