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    This is My Moggies Homepage...

    Enjoy this site that is all about the cats in my life!

    Contents for Home Page

    My Cats
    Whats Happening

    My Cats!

    Hello, this is my site dedicated to the nine cats at my mums house and the six at my house!!!

    The cats at my mums are:

  • Peaky
  • Joby
  • Grey
  • Charlie
  • Gizmo
  • Cookie
  • Cody
  • Maggie
  • Bumble

    And mine are:

  • Blossom
  • Pudding
  • Fluffy
  • Snowy
  • Giger
  • Random

    And just a quick mention for five cats who have sadly died during the time I've had this site running, Aurium, Sugar, Twinkles, Tibby and Tommy. All can be read about on the Cats Who Have Gone Page.

This is Random, my most recent feline addition...

Random just kept coming round as a stray and then decided not to leave!

I have created a page about me which can be viewed by clicking About Me

If you want to contact me and talk about cats, email me at the following e-mail address...

my e-mail: lisathecat@ntlworld.com

What's Happening?!!

This is to let people know what's old, what's new and when stuff was added to my site:

Have added new pages for Fluffy, Giger, Snowy and Random.
A stray cat decided he wanted to live at my house. So I had him neutured and got him a collar! See picture above...
I am now going to make a real effort to keep my site updated.
Cody went to live at my Mums because she couldn't behave herself. She has since had 2 tiny kittens, pictures up soon.
I adopted another cat called Snowy who is very sweet. I will becreating a page for her soon.
All other cats are very well!

Still doing a hideous job keeping this site updated. Really need to get some pictures of Giger and Cody. I got Giger at the end of August and Cody about a month or so later.
I had to update the cats pages when I realised I had got all their ages wrong!
Well, I certainly haven't done much on this site. I intend to put more pictures on, but other than that, have no future plans!
Have created a page about myself. Have also just realised that I had been putting '04' on the "Whats Happening" entries instead of '05', whoops! I have corrected them all.
I have added my own diary page. My Diary
There is now a gallery page for Fluffy that I have not mentioned.

Have added extra pictures pages. So far have only added them for Pudding and Blossom. They can be accessed by going to the photo page and clicking the links near the picture of the cat whose gallery you want to see. Will add them for all cats in near future.
Have decided to remove the Site Map, I felt it was a bit redundant as all the necessary links are on the left hand side.
Photo page is now ready. I will add more pictures in time.
Have redone the links page with a couple of new pages added. Please ask if you want a link exchange with me!
I have updated this section to show only the very latest updates. To view update messages from 2001 to last year click here.
Current plans for this site are:
  • Redo the home page.
  • Create a page about me.
  • Add pictures to the cat diary.
  • Anything else I can think of!
    If you would like to submit a suggestions or link for my site please email it to liserini@hotmail.com

    Have started site overhaul. This site will look a lot better in the new year.
    This site was deleted a few months ago. I was fortunate to find a version of it saved on a website archive! I will be doing my best to update it over the next few months.



  • Last Updated 25 Nov 2007