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Blossom and Pudding

I adopted Blossom and Pudding from the Cats Protection in November 2003. They are sister (Blossom) and brother (Pudding). Both are about 7 years old. Their previous owner sadly died of terminal illness and the cats spent 6 months living at the Cats Protection before I adopted them.

Floss Monster!!!

My silly name for Blossom. Blossom is a gorgeous little cat, she is semi long haired, white and black with lovely big green eyes.
She has issues, such as being a freak. Her strange habits include waking me up by scratching my face gently, sometimes I wake up to find her just sitting in my face gazing at me and she chirps like a bird constantly.,


Puddings silly name! He is also semi long haired, black and white and slightly large.
He enjoys sitting on my knee whenever he possibly can. Sometimes he likes to walk me round the corner to my local shop. He does act a bit like a dog, but heís great.

Both cats seem to enjoy being with me, and I certainly love having them about. When Iím on my PC, they take it in turns to sit on me. Same thing happens when Iím watching TV. Both cats enjoy being treated with fish and meat, and are always interested in whats on my dinner plate!

I think this is a gorgeous picture of Blossom

Pudding under my monitor shelf

Last Updated 16 July 2005