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My Cat Gallery!!!

Here is a selection of my cat pictures, some are of cats already featured, others are cats which we have had in the past, which have either passed on or were kittens we had which were given to others.

If my cats aren't enough...here are pictures of Other Peoples Cats!

This is Alfie, we 'adopted' him in about February 2001
He stayed for a few months before going home.

Yes, Cookie is sitting in a sink!

I love this picture of Fluffy in a box. More pictures of Fluffy.

Tibby having a mad moment in a tree!

Tommy on the shed

Fluffy on a bag

Cats in the kitchen

Peaky in one of his usual places...the radiator!!!


Me and an unhappy Blossom!

Blossom and Pudding sleeping

A lovely picture of Gizmo with Honey

Fluffy and Grey as tiny kittens, aww...


Grey and a rabbit


Blossom in a tray. More pictures of Blossom

Pudding standing. More pictures of Pudding.

Charlie on an unlit bonfire. She jumped off when we lit it!
Just joking of course!

Joby in a box

Oh dear Grey...

Last Updated 16 July 2005