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Here you can view messages that I posted on the Home Page describing the devleopment and ideas I had for the site.

A belated Happy New Year! Haven't got any plans for the site at the moment, so watch this space!
HAPPY XMAS!!! For tommorow anyway. And a happy new year. Won't be doing anything here until January. Hope you all have fun!
I have removed the corkboard as it keeps messing up and the messages don't show up! If you have any comments, please email me and I'll produce a page of comments!
The site map is finished! Am planning on a lot more changes to come!
Haven't done anything with the Site Map! I went to the Cats Protection League yesterday, I chose 2 cats to adopt.
I have added a site map to the site. It is still being constructed, but when it is done it will be possible to see a list of everything I have put on this site!
Am currently adding links, if you have a great link, let me know!
I have also changed the page layouts.

There are a lot of changes on this page at the moment. They won't be occuring on other pages until I've found a template I'm happy with!
Am currently in the process of tidying up the site. Have made the photo page much neater!
Have decided to add a new section in the Cats Stuff area, called Cats in the News! I won't be updating the diary so often as I don't see my cats much anymore.
I have added a new topic to the Cats Stuff page. Will continue to update site as often as possible.
I have put a new story on the Cat Stuff page and created archives for old stories and topics.
There will be less additions to the cat diary now I have moved out. I will continue to update the site and improve it. I am goint to try and concentrate on adding stories, pictures and books I recommend.
You will notice I have rearranged this section, so the latest news is at the top and not the bottom.
I have now added the Cat Diary page, so you can read about what my cats get up to.

As the guestbook did not work out, I have added a corkboard for people to leave comments and tell us about their cats . Please leave something on it.
I have decided to remove the Guestbook Page. I just couldn't get it to work.
I have been working on a cat diary that I will at some point put on the site!
Have just added a recommended books section on the Cats Stuff section, only three books at the moment, but there will be more!!!
I am also thinking up ideas for new pages. Maybe cat health and cat breeds pages.

My USB for my digital camera has turned up, so I'll be able to add more pictures!!!
Am hoping to add more pictures to the Cat Pics page, but was use of a scanner was somewhat, erm, not very good!!!
New page entitled Cat Stuff, includes topics and stories.
Am just doing a few tweaks here and there...look out for my silly cat stories!!!
Aurium and Peaky page created
Joby and Charlie page created

Twinkles and Sugar page created
Site created
Homepage created
Guestbook created
Tibby and Tommy page created
Last Updated 16 July 2005